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This application portal is for use by applicants for the APS and AIP Congressional fellowship programs

You may apply for:
  • APS only 
  • AIP only or
  • both APS and AIP
  • Each organization sponsors separate fellowship programs. However, as long as an applicant meets eligibility requirements, we allow for submission of a single set of application materials.
  • The AIP fellowship is cosponsored by each organization and administered by AIP. In select years, AIP is also able to sponsor an additional fellow. An application submitted through this portal will be considered for both the AIP and AIP solo positions, when applicable.
  • APS and AIP run separate review processes and committees.
  • After your application is complete, you will communicate with AIP and APS separately.
Contact information for fellowship coordinators from both organizations is included below. We appreciate your interest in the fellowship program and encourage you to contact us with any questions.
Jeanette Russo
American Physical Society 
Office of Government Affairs
Jennifer Greenamoyer
American Institute of Physics
301.209.3104 (office)
202.213.5282 (mobile)

Marissa Nielsen
American Institute of Physics